Human Acts by Han Kang

I read the Vegetarian a couple of months ago and whilst it was very disturbing and twisted, I could still appreciate it for what it was and I gave it a 4 star rating. In comparison, Human Acts in my opinion, is much more accomplished as a novel and is extremely socially significant. It is... Continue Reading →

Strange Heart Beating: A Book Review

Strange Heart Beating 3.5/5 'I wanted someone at the funeral to tell me about the life she lived before I knew her. In that way, I thought I could continue knowing her, could continue with the journey that we had started. I'd simply take a detour, I thought. I'd go backwards.' I finished reading Strange... Continue Reading →

A magical, imaginative stroke of pure genius

At the mouth of the river of bees : 4.5/5 I read most of this collection back in May, and finished the last 2 stories in June. Kij Johnson interweaves fantastical elements like talking animals, aliens and spaceships, journeys of discovery and transformation, Japanese myth, stories within stories, some of which are common tropes in... Continue Reading →

The Enchanted Islands : Book review

This book was such a pleasant surprise! Enchanted Islands follows the story of Frances Conway, starting from her childhood all the way till she is very old. I absolutely loved this charming, emotional, honest and far from ordinary life of Frances Conway. Right from her childhood in Duluth to her adolescent years in Chicago to... Continue Reading →

Sometimes a river song: Book Review

Sometimes A River Song by Avril Joy is a beautiful novella set in a river boat community in Arkansas in the 1930s, which I felt was really unique setting. Most of the narration is from the perspective of a young girl, Aiyana, who grows up in the river boat community. She has a very troubled... Continue Reading →

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